“The View” Argues About Abortion

26 09 2009

There are SO many things I *could* add to this, but I won’t. I’ll just say this for now (just to clarify a few things on the matter).

1) Capitol Punishment is NOT murder. It’s the “punishment” that some criminals recieve who have COMMITTED murder.

2) War is NOT murder. Consider Ecclesiastes 3:8 – “A time to love, and a time to hate; a time of war, and a time of peace.”

That’s all I really wanna say on this for now.




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26 09 2009

Very, very excellent points. 😀

9 10 2009
Bill Bartmann

Hey, great blog…but I don’t understand how to add your site in my rss reader. Can you Help me, please 🙂

19 10 2009

I found your blog while I was searching a picture of the twin towers burning on Google image. (In Photobooth, you can put your own images as backgrounds to make funny pics).
I’ve reached your blog by chance (or maybe God led me to you). I’ve rarely seen such a collection of false arguments and pervert reasoning, combined with obscurantism and intolerance (a special mention to the”baby’s thought about abortion”, literaly emetic). Some articles seems to come out al-qaida propaganda.

Just one thing. The poor baby is afraid of the bad doctor. Just take a moment to think about the babies inside the bellies of afghani women. Women can’t even think of abortion in Afghanistan. Isn’t it a murder when a bomb slaughter them? What are the thoughts of their babies ? Are they okay in the arms of Jesus or Allah. Or just a little pile of chopped meat nobody cares about? Oh, of course you must have prayed fot their souls.
You base all your poor life on a stupid archaic book written thousand years ago denying all the progress of human mind since that time; and while you’re speaking about love and redemption, you dare to affirm that war is not a murder, and you support every american war all over the world, althought they have made a thousand time more victims than 9-11 (at least).
Provoking a war for satisfying the need of revenge of short-minded american fundamentalists IS a murder. Killing, wounding and torturing innocent people for maintaining your suicidal way of life IS a murder. By chance, other ignorant and narrow-minded people like you wants to destroy your USA.
One more little thing, my english is very poor (sorry about that, I’m french) but I think it’s capiTAL punishment, and not capiTOL punishment. God gave you hands to type, so type well. (By the way, what a great mind you have “capital punishment is … a punishment” That’s an argument !!)
And remember, God also wanted me to write all this (and created me, of course)

12 11 2009

Thank you for stopping by and commenting. I apologize for not getting back to you sooner – I am extremely busy at this time with work and college.

However, I am here now… and though I don’t have much time and cannot address everything you said, I’d love to address a few of your points.

1. Babies (whether born or still in the womb) are babies. Their little hearts beat, and their organs are being formed. Murder is when an innocent life is taken without cause. Abortion is doing just that. It is murder.

2. The Word of God is so much more than a “stupid archaic book written thousand years ago denying all the progress of human mind since that time…” The Bible was indeed written a couple thousand years ago, AND it has foretold future events that have come to pass EXACTLY as the Bible said they would. There are more to come in the future and they seem to be just around the corner – so keep a watchful eye!
You are mistaken though… my life is not “poor” by any sense of the word. I may not hold much wealth when esteemed in light of the world’s opinions, but I am rich is many other ways – ways that cannot be counted. I am truly blessed beyond measure.

3. There is a distinct difference between murder and war. The war we are currently in is so much more than what you described it as: “Provoking a war for satisfying the need of revenge of short-minded american fundamentalists”… really, watch the news. We were attacked. We were (and continue to be) threatened by an enemy that cowards away in dirt holes, ashamed to show its face – but instead decides to strap bombs to innocent women and children and send them out into the marketplace until they detinate. You’re right, innocent lives have been lost. We are in a war. We must defend ourselves.

4. Thank you for correcting my spelling – I was in a hurry when I wrote the original post. I will ignor all your other irrelevant, sarcastic remarks. However, I will agree with you that God DID create you, and He loves you. I would not blame Him though by saying He wanted you to write the above post… God takes little pleasure in ignorance (which you seem to display so well).

Again, thank you for commenting.

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