John McCain “Boo!”-ed for Saying Obama Respects the Constitution

14 09 2009

Does Barack Obama, the duly elected president of the United States, respect the Constitution? For many of Obama’s critics, the answer is a resounding “No!” What evidence do the holders of this opinion put forth to defend it? Some argue the president has not provided a valid birth certificate. Others believe that he is overstepping the framers’ intent by attempting to set up a government-funded health care plan. For many more, it’s just a nagging suspicion born of cable television punditry and common sense.

Witness footage from earlier Tuesday when Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), Obama’s former presidential rival, addressed a town hall meeting in Sun City, Ariz. Asked by a woman whether Obama was even aware that “we still live under a Constitution,” McCain rose to the president’s defense. That didn’t go over too well with the crowd.

For what it’s worth, the U.S. Constitution can be easily accessed online, if anyone is wondering whether the stimulus package or the proposed health care legislation violate that sacred document.

McCain needs to grow a backbone. Obviously, the people of America do not agree with him on his taking Obama’s side. For someone who was lied about by his oponent on his stands all throughout the presidential campaign and the election, he sure is quite willing to be buddy-buddy with him now. Really? don’t be so naive. This is not a game in which you’ll eventually get your back scratched as long as you scratch his. Sorry to burst your bubble, but you will never be best friends with Mr. President, McCain.

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One response

14 09 2009

Accessing the document doesn’t help much. It could easily be argued that very little of what Obama wants to do is Constitutional and it could also be equally easily argued that it is.

In particular, the 10th Amendment is problematically terse on these issues.

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