September 11, 2001: We Remember…

11 09 2009

We Remember. We will Stand.

~~September 11, 2001: sometimes it’s easy to forgot. often something so painful is blocked out from memory. but we will remember. we are America: Land of the Free, Home of the Brave. God HAS blessed America, He shed His grace on our nation; may He continue to do so. ♥


To those who have given so much so that we might live in freedom: Thank you. This poem is for you….

We’re Still Standing

Those twin towers

Standing tall with pride,

Fell with grieving hearts.

Stunned, America cried.

But we’re still standing.

Bin Laden tried

To crush our land,

But we stood our ground

With our flag in hand

And we’re still standing.

Red for the valor

And the blood that fell.

White for the purity

Our heroes tell.

Blue for the justice

That will be done,

Proving once more

These colors don’t run

And we’re still standing.

By: Hannah Schoechert ©

A 7th grade student


~ To the fallen hero: Thank you.

~ To the soldier whose life is on the line fighting for freedom: Thank you.

~ To the soldier at home working behind the scenes: Thank you.

~ To the men in women in the reserves: Thank you.

~ To the fathers and mothers who raised our armies: Thank you.

~ To the husbands and wives of military personnel who sacrifice cherished time together: Thank you.

~ To the sons and daughters of our country: Thank you.

~ To our Country’s leaders: Thank you.

~ To the patriots of this great country: Thank you.

~ To those who pray for our nation: Thank you.

~ To those who oppose and fight against America: Thank you. You have made us stronger and more united.

~ To those who made the ultimate sacrifice so that yesterday’s, today’s, and tomorrow’s generations might live in freedom: Thank you.

~ To our founding fathers: Thank you.

~ To our flag, Old Glory: Thank you. You give us hope and strength every time you wave in the wind.


For Josh – stationed in Afghanistan
For Rob, cousin – deployments in Iraq, Afghanistan
For Karyn – stationed in MO
For Matthew – currently in TN
For Uncle Bill – retired WWII veteran
For Uncle Rob – retired veteran
For Casey – reserves
For Jamie – deployed in Iraq
For Grandpa V. – deceased, WWII veteran
For Rick – retired veteran
…and so many more.



We remember. We still stand. We still fight. Freedom.
God Bless America, Land that I love.




8 responses

11 09 2009

Today hurts as we remember that painful day. We are forever scarred. But the Lord’s power is still in control. May He comfort all those loved ones left behind and protect our troops and others serving this great nation. To God be the glory! Have a great weekend!

12 09 2009

Thank you for stopping by and commenting! May God continue to bless you!
I hope you have a wonderful weekend yourself!

12 09 2009
David Murdoch

Terrorists can’t destroy the United States. But the United States is slowly destroying itself through abortion. The greatest threat to the United States is not the foreign enemy but the domestic evil that kills more Americans than anything else.

When we look at the twin towers we ought to be reminded of the necessity to reject hatred for others, as that was what those hijackers were driven by themselves, and seek to create true peace in the world with love. Overcome evil with good.

God Bless,

12 09 2009

I could not agree with you more!
Thank you for stopping by and commenting!
Come back again soon, and stay in touch!
Have a wonderful weekend!

16 03 2010

just shut up i think that heater or christian can jus shut up and get on with their lives

16 03 2010

why so angry? why so bitter?

YOU stopped at MY blog. This happens to be a place where you cannot tell ME to “shut up” because this is not your territory. It’s mine.

You did not have to stop by this blog, or read through any of my entries. No one forced you to.

Have a nice day.

15 04 2010

thanks 4 the pics i need them 4 a report!!

1 07 2010
Barney Smith

Could I have pemission to use the picture of the Twin Towers in flames? I am writing a book on “Airport Humor”. The picture is to be a reminder of 911 on the “Forward” page. The forward page is serious and not humor. Thank you for any consideration of this request. Regards, Barney Smith

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