Outcry of My Heart

10 08 2009

Have you ever wondered at the fact that
God, Who is all-powerful, all-knowing, and
All-perfect, has no memory of the past
Wrongs of His children? He forgets the lies,
The hatred, the envy, and the lust. How
Is it then, that we, who are less than
God, have found a way to remember the
Sins of ourselves and others, and to hold
On to the blame, guilt, bitterness, and shame?

And still more perplexing is when God, Who
Delights when we do good deeds,
Considers them to be nothing more than filthy
Rags. While we, when men do good, praise
And glorify and exalt as if they have
Discovered a new way of life. Has
Mankind wandered so far from what
It once longed to mirror? Oh, that we
Would return to the once burning desire
That drove our infirm race to go on! Oh,
That we would learn to forget the past
Wrongs of our brothers and ourselves, and
Not praise the filthy rags that should wash our world.

 © Heather Vires 2005, all rights reserved.



4 responses

10 08 2009
Lt. Dan

Is that supposed to be poetry?
New scripture verse ala kjb maybe.
You are young. You will learn.

10 08 2009

Should I feel insulted?
Because I do not.

10 08 2009

And I’m so grateful that we can choose to be cleansed by Jesus’ blood and be brought to God after that cleansing of all our dirt. Great reminder of what the Lord had already done and there is no other way to be saved or cleansed but by Him. God bless you sister Heather.

20 08 2009

And maybe we should follow suit: forgive and forget. That’s one of the hardest lessons to learn and one of the most difficult things to do.

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